Frankincense: A Frankly Irresistible Tonic for Every Health Complaint

There is sooooooo much more to frankincense than religious ceremonies and meditation. You might remember that we were singing its praises not so long ago on the blog; we are very excited about the countless benefits a daily drink of our Frankincense Tonic Water can bring to your life, and just how much this magical, yet natural, ingredient can help with a variety of health complaints.

There are a whopping FIFTY-FOUR DIFFERENT GRADES OF FRANKINCENSE. Fifty-four! Each one has a slightly different use, from aromatherapy and massage, to perfumery and incense. But there are only 3 - the very highest quality – grades that can be ingested and used for medicinal purposes. Cue Frankly Irresistible and our ground-breaking Frankincense Tonic Water.

We only use the indigestible grade Hojari Frankincense in our tonic water. Sourced from the Dhofar Mountains in Oman, it is a far cry from Western, traditional ideas of frankincense.

After thousands of years of careful examination, we now know even more about just how precious this wonder ingredient is than the Wise Men did when they gifted it to the baby Jesus. What better offering for the son of God, no less?

Over the millennia, the benefits of frankincense have been consistently lauded across the globe: in Chinese medicine, in Islamic faiths, in Christian churches and in Persian medicine, to name a few. All these diverse cultures certainly have at least one thing in common: the value they place on frankincense.

And what now? Now that our knowledge of it has deepened? I mean, why wouldn’t we delight in something that is natural, that can reduce inflammation, and contains natural immune-boosting minerals and antioxidants acting as an antiseptic, removing free-radicals, bacteria and fungi?

This phenomenal ingredient, extracted from the Boswellia Sacra tree, is a powerful natural antiseptic – very important in the midst of a global pandemic. And it goes even further – it can help to boost your immune system, lower blood pressure, promote healthy teeth and bones due to its high silicon content, and safeguard against osteoporosis, stroke and kidney stones.

Those who suffer from chronic arthritis-related pain will be pleased to know that many use frankincense to complement or replace traditional painkillers.

With natural anti-inflammatory properties, it can also treat gastrointestinal issues, regenerate hormones while slowing the ageing process, and can even rewrite damaged DNA.

Perhaps the most exciting new research has been on frankincense’s cancer-fighting potential. There is recent evidence to suggest that not only does it reduce inflammation associated with cancer, it can also work to destroy malignant cells, thus shrinking tumours. Think of that! What’s more, it can also help to purify the blood; it’s a natural blood thinner.[1]

Honestly, the list of possible health benefits is endless, but if that’s not enough, it is also a proponent of skin repair, assists in weight loss, and strengthens nails, hair and bones.

Still not convinced? Our Frankincense Tonic Water has recently undergone nutritional analysis. It has zero calories, while at the same time being rich in many beneficial minerals.

The use of Frankincense has, understandably, grown in popularity in recent years with people using it topically as part of an anti-ageing skin routine, or blending it with other aromatherapy oils.

That said, there aren’t many people offering the high-quality, ingestible grade Frankincense that we are here at Frankly Irresistible, specially made with pure alkaline antioxidant water. And it’s affordable too: Your 5-month supply works out at only £0.30 per day.

Since I began using the tonic water, I am bursting with energy (much like after drinking Lucozade, but without the sack-load of sugar, and the inevitable energy crash!). Just 200mls of this tonic per day has transformed my life.

There’s no more dragging myself out of bed in the morning; my skin is no longer a problem – in fact, I am often told that I look glowing.

I sleep better and it has done wonders for my stress and anxiety levels. My head is clear, my mind is focused, and I have never felt so rested. I honestly look and feel better now than I did 10, or even twenty years ago.

What do I say when I am asked what my secret is? Well, I am sure you know the answer to that.

But you don’t just have to take my word for it. Check out our client testimonials at the bottom of our product page.

If you are ready to start feeling, and being, the best that you can be, get our life-changing products here; you can also view the information videos, subscribe to our website, and read more about the nutritional values and benefits of Frankincense Tonic Water and resin.

[1] If you are pregnant or taking Warfarin, you shouldn’t take this tonic for a prolonged period as Frankincense is a natural blood thinner. Always seek medical advice from your GP or your Health Practitioner. Please contact us by subscribing to our mailing list and we can answer any questions you may have about our products.

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