Frankincense: Our star ingredient joins the fight against Covid-19!

Updated: May 4

We’re now over a year on from the first lockdown and – finally – there seems to be some light again. Schools have gone back, and the gradual easing of restrictions has started.

The Covid-19 vaccination programme rolled out by the NHS, has given us a way out of this strange and limited existence. And although it is a way out, chances are this virus is going to be part of our lives for some time yet.

It is likely that cases will increase again in the autumn and winter and there is already talk of yearly vaccine boosters as the virus adapts and mutates.

So, what can we do to complement the medication prescribed by doctors, and how do we boost our general health?

Looking after our minds and bodies is a good start. Leading a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, good hydration, and plenty of rest and exercise is a great combination.

We can also look to complementary, natural ingredients to give us that extra boost of energy.

Our Frankincense Tonic Water provides a natural energy boost. It is made using alkaline water which helps to balance levels of acid in the body.

Frankincense is a sacred resin, and its use can be traced back across the centuries. The ancient Egyptians used it in salves for wounds and sores. It has been traded across the middle east and north Africa for more than 5000 years. The ancient Greeks and Romans recognised frankincense’s antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

Today, Frankincense is still widely prized. It is in common usage in traditional Chinese medicine and has been investigated as a possibility in the treatment of cancer, asthma, and Chron’s disease. Its high levels of silica are also thought to be beneficial to those suffering with osteoporosis and arthritis. Clients have reported improvements in both these conditions with a reduction in pain, and an increase in mobility.

Interestingly, Frankincense has recently featured as an ingredient in clinical trials for medicinal treatments for Covid-19. Research has been carried out in the US, India and Israel and in Oman, in collaboration with the University of Oxford.

Although it is too early to tell what the long-term outcomes from these studies will be, it is interesting that Frankincense remains a noteworthy ingredient today in the scientific community.

Here at Frankly Irresistible, we are sold on its benefits. I have been drinking the tonic water for over six years and I have never been in better health. My customers have reported improvement with symptoms of COPD, asthma, sinusitis, arthritis and osteoporosis.

We think that over 5000 years of use by multiple societies and communities can’t be a coincidence. For us, it’s a natural, therapeutic remedy that can complement our western medicines and treatments. The zinc and copper it contains supports the immune system along with potassium and many other health-boosting properties.

The researchers in Oman, along with their colleagues at the University of Oxford, have studied more than 70 medicinal plants of Oman. Frankincense has been chosen for this research because it contains a lot of boswellic acids, which are very effective anti-inflammatories.

Frankincense contains naturally-occurring chemicals that could be used to treat Covid-19 and also reduce its capacity to infect people. Phase one of the research has been completed. They are now in phase two and then it’ll be onto phase three. It’s all very exciting stuff and it has confirmed what we have always known about Frankincense: that it has potential for powerful and wide-ranging health benefits.

We suspect it isn’t in wider usage because of its rarity and exclusivity. It’s not something that can easily be mass produced, so we’re the lucky ones to be able to get our hands on some of it.

And that’s why it’s our star ingredient. A daily drink of our Frankincense Tonic Water could help to build up your immune system and put you in a better position to fight off any illness.

Find out more about our tonic water here. Give yourself a fighting chance of better health, vitality, luminous skin and stacks of energy.

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