Game Changers for Beautiful Skin.

Updated: Feb 10

We felt it was time here at HIH Frankly Irresistible to talk about some of our most popular products from our skincare line – five fabulous certified organic products which have proven game-changers for countless clients and customers. Some of our clients first come across these products in the therapy room at our exclusive London garden retreat; others find us online looking for a face oil or body treatment that can deliver powerful anti-ageing results without harsh chemicals. However, you have found us, though, be warned: these products are not to be used by women – or men – in a rush.

But it is about more than going slow and general wellbeing. Why has natural skincare seen such a surge recently? Well in truth, consumers have more information now than ever about the harmful chemicals that might be hiding in their favourite beauty products.

Campaigns such as Breast Cancer UK's #ditchthejunk movement offer a wealth of information about which ingredients to look out for and avoid. Shockingly, many of the skin products found on our pharmacy and supermarket shelves contain substances linked with breast cancer including parabens, phthalates, triclosan and even the powerful disinfectant formaldehyde – yes, really.

First up is our Magic in Jar (50ml, £33) which is where we begin our facial ritual. Ritual is the correct word, too – the heavy, ceremonial fragrance of frankincense, myrrh and 23ct edible gold, is only amplified by the sandalwood and applying this exfoliator does not feel dissimilar to taking part in a spiritual or sacred ceremony. Mix one part with three parts water in a small bowl, apply with a brush, and massage upwards in small, circular movements. Apply a second coat and leave for up to 20 minutes, then wash clear with tepid water.

The result? Tight, cleansed skin that feels youthful and replenished without the dryness that so often accompanies so-called ‘anti-ageing’ products.

Then, if it’s daytime, we follow with our Universal Bliss Universal Bliss (50ml, £38). 1-3 drops are all you need, mixed with a little water and massage slowly – go on, take your time – for three minutes. Rose Otto is a fabulous essential oil for the face, not to be confused with the more readily available (and cheaper!) rose oil; it is absorbed deep into the skin tissues to restore and revitalise, and its delicate fragrance is known to relax the senses and relieve anxiety.

Our clients swear by this combination of our Frankincense, Myrrh and Sandalwood scrub followed by our Frankincense, Myrrh and Rose Otto face oil for skin that looks – and feels – years younger.

After dark, we up the ante with our powerful skincare double act: our Sweet Dreams (50g, £26). Thick and indulgent, layer on a generous amount and enjoy the skin-boosting properties of vitamins A, B and D, lecithin and sterols that really feed your skin. You will wake looking younger, naturally – out clients note that even after a fortnight of daily use, wrinkles are visibly reduced.

And then finally, head into the shower and prepare yourself for whatever the day might hurl at you with our Layer Cake (200ml, £36). Unlike the exotic fragrance of our exfoliator, our body oil is scented with citrus and floral oil to invigorate and energise. Apply straight after showering while the skin is still wet to lock in as much moisture as possible. A recent convert to the Hope in Health range told us that it was the ‘most indulgent’ body oil she had ever tried – we’ll take that, since its laced in 23ct edible gold!

Last up is our Lovers Potion. (200ml, £36 )A His and Her unisex body oil named by Ancient Egyptians who mixed Frankincense and Myrrh together for a very good reason. Simply because aromatherapy oils impact our emotional wellbeing and help reduce everyday stress level. Whilst Frankincense has a masculine energy, known as the king of essential oils, Myrrh has a sweet feminine energy known as Queen of oils. When mixed it has an uplifting yet soothing blend of ecstasy, lifting the senses and enhancing your emotional wellbeing. Also laced in 23ct edible gold, to help boost collagen production and enhance the skin elasticity.

What sets our skincare products apart from all the others on the market? It is our dedication to finding the best the ingredients Mother Nature provides, our reliance on ancient, sacred resins and our refusal to rush anything.

What will you treat yourself to? Look at our skincare range here

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