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Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Water: we know it’s essential to a healthy, wholesome life - but do we really understand just how crucial it is to our wellbeing?

The adult human body is around 70% water, with up to 85% of key organs like the lungs and brain made up of that magic H2O. Keeping hydrated is vital for the body’s essential functions - for example blood, which transports oxygen around the body, is 90% water - but also to keep our skin and hair looking its best.

For many of life’s ills - from poor performance in an exercise class right through to a hangover - it’s scientifically proven that drinking more water can help.

Chances are if you’re health-conscious, you’ve also thought about the type of water you’re drinking. Bottled or tap? Spring or natural mineral?

But have you ever considered the pH level of the glass you draw from the tap or the bottle you pick up from the health store’s shelf?

Maybe not. But you should.

Although water covers 75% of planet earth, clean, safe drinking water is still relatively rare. Almost 30% of the world’s population don’t have immediate access to a clean drinking water supply, and even in the developed world tap water has been proven to contain traces of pesticides, lead and birth control hormones - even after extensive processing.

And shockingly, a significant number of water authorities provide homes and workplaces here in the UK with water at a pH level below 7, i.e. acidic. Yup, that’s ‘acidic’ as in corrosive and harmful.

If acid can damage your teeth, can you imagine what it’s doing to your insides?

Personally, I stopped drinking tap water over 20 years ago - I thought I was doing my health a favour by choosing bottled water. Imagine how horrified I was then when I found out that a high number of bottled water brands are also acidic, with a number of well-documented consumer tests suggesting that the pH levels are even lower (i.e. more acidic) than the claims made on the label.

The most beneficial water for your health? Water with an alkaline pH. Alkaline water neutralises the acid in our bodies, bringing about a whole host of health benefits: improved metabolism, increased energy, slowing the signs of ageing, with studies suggesting that it could even improve insulin absorption rates for diabetes patients.

In short, acid brings about oxidation - think of rust on metal, or the browning that appears on a slice of apple when exposed to the air. Oxidation also affects our bodies over time, and eventually the damage becomes irreversible.

The way to fight this negative change? With the opposite of acid, i.e. anti-oxidising alkaline.

There are many high-profile converts to the alkaline water movement - it was revealed that Beyoncé included alkaline water on her rider for the Mrs Carter Show world tour in 2013, and Tom Brady has declared himself another famous fan. Conventional medical sources have been predictably quick to claim that the science and trials behind the claims ‘aren’t rigorous enough’, but the fans and the figures speak for themselves: alkaline water has grown from being a $47m business in 2014 to hitting around $687m in 2018. Just take a look at the Frankly Irresistible water page - one of thousands promoting the significant health benefits of drinking alkaline water.

And I’m one of the converts. I’ve drank nothing but alkaline water since January of this year and I feel incredible. In fact, I’d go so far as to say I’ve never felt better.

Stay tuned for next week, when I’ll be telling you more about my shift from bottled water to alkaline water and the astonishing health benefits I’ve seen.

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