Treat your skin without mistreating the planet

Here at Frankly Irresistible, we are all about natural ingredients. We work only with the tools mother nature provides us. We see breath-taking beauty in the natural world, and we want to keep it that way.

This is why it has always made sense to us to be plastic free.

Scientists and marine biologists have known for a long time about the damage caused by plastic pollution. But the rest of the world suddenly sat up and took notice with the broadcast of David Attenborough’s seminal Blue Planet II in 2017. We were horrified by images of dolphins playing with carrier bags and a green turtle struggling to find a nesting place among crisp packets and empty water bottles.

What was even more worrying was the widespread presence of microplastics, recently brought back into the public consciousness by Netflix’s hugely popular Seaspiracy. Smaller than a sesame seed and not easily visible, microplastics are everywhere in our oceans. And they are caused by our overuse and misuse of plastics. Scientists estimate these microplastics take an average of 400 years to break down. They have even been found in the Mariana Trench which is the deepest natural trench on Earth.

Even drinking water contains microplastics. These tiny nasties have been found in the digestive tracts of human beings.

Microplastics can fill up the stomachs of aquatic creatures and block their digestive tracts. They diminish hunger, which upsets the food chain and even threatens some species with extinction.

And any alterations in the finely balanced food chain could spell disaster for larger species such as whales and dolphins.

Whales and dolphins play a vital role in capturing carbon from our atmosphere. They increase phytoplankton production wherever they go in the ocean.

So, why is this important? Because microscopic phytoplankton contribute at least 50% of all oxygen to our atmosphere, capturing about 40% of all CO2 produced on the planet.

If we upset this fine balance, the oceans become swamps and we die. Simple as that.

Our plastic use has reached crisis point. We’re basically strangling ourselves.

This is why, here at Frankly Irresistible, we are committed to respecting our planet and using glass rather than plastic. Our packaging is all fully recyclable, and we are constantly looking for ways to be greener. It’s encouraging to see some of the larger brands looking at ways to be kinder to the planet. And we absolutely love what those clever clogs are doing over at Soapbottle.

The bottle that houses our Frankincense Tonic Water isn’t just green in colour, it is glass and therefore fully reusable and recyclable. Clients that drink this tonic water report that it is a powerful pick-me-up with a range of profound health benefits. Frankincense has been used in medicine across history in many different cultures. Our regular customers report a reduction in pain and inflammation and in easing the symptoms of COPD and asthma. Aaaaaaand it’s in our sale until the end of May 2021: 20% off. What’s not to love?

Our tonic water takes care of hydrating your skin from within and we’ve got just the thing to complement it. Our wonder oil, Universal Bliss, is packed full of goodies to take care of your skin from the outside. Massage it into slightly damp skin with a couple of drops of water and you’ll feel immediately invigorated. With a protein molecular structure close to your own skin, it helps to naturally hydrate, plump and lift your skin. Containing yummy rose otto and frankincense, it delves into the deeper layers of skin, carrying juicy vitamins with it. And we wouldn’t use anything else but fully recyclable glass to contain this wonder. 20% off this too, if you hurry.

All of our products respect our planet, both in their ingredients and in their packaging. Do a good thing for yourself and the planet and head over to our shop and check it out.

If you have got any further questions about any of our products, just subscribe to our website – at the bottom of our home page – and we’ll get back to you.

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