Water, water everywhere… but make it alkaline.

Last week on the blog we ran through the difference between acid and alkaline water, the prevalence of acidic water in our taps and on our supermarket shelves and the damage acidic water can cause to our bodies over time.

Need a quick reminder? Click here, or you can see my video about the importance of water to our health here.

We know that the safest water we can drink, and the most beneficial to our health, is alkaline water - but this presents us with a problem. To date it’s been impossible to guarantee an alkaline water supply regardless of where you live in the UK - even if you’re relying on bottled water over tap as I was.

That is, until now.

Hope in Health is honoured to have been appointed as the first official retailer for the Hydrogen Water Jug - a powerful tool in the battle against poor quality, acidic drinking water.

Arising from the work of acclaimed naturalists and water scientists Viktor Shauberger and John Grander, the Hydrogen Water Jug is an easy-to-use kitchen-top device suitable for the whole family. It converts ordinary tap water into hydrogen alkaline water in seconds, providing a limitless supply of anti-oxidising drinking water.

Why would you want to do that? Well, let’s hear the science behind those health benefits again:

- Much of the drinking water available to us in the UK - whether tap or bottle - has a pH of above 7 and is therefore acidic

- Acids in the body causes oxidative stress - a process arising from ‘free radicals’ (unpaired electrons) scavenging the body looking for electrons to pair with and causing damage to cells and tissue as they go

- Oxidative stress is linked to a range of health complaints, including poor metabolism, low energy, mental fog, muscle pain, low immunity, symptoms of ageing and more

- But - and here’s the magic bit - alkaline water is an antioxidant, which helps to neutralise these acids and counter the effect of oxidative stress

Alkaline water is a relatively new movement - the business was worth less than $50m globally in 2014, but has grown quickly to a net value of around $680m in 2018 and boasts a host of famous health-conscious devotees, including Elton John, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez.

Plus it’s suitable for long-term use and easy to descale, so totally sustainable for the planet - no more single-use plastics on your conscience. As a former daily bottled water drinker, this was a biggy for me!

I’ve been drinking alkaline water since January 2020 and I’ve noticed a huge difference not only in the way I feel mentally, but also in my physical performance and in the way I look. Health-wise, I’m delighted to report that:

- I’ve got far more energy and can exercise for longer periods of time.

- I’m clearer mentally - no more brain fog!

- I suffer occasionally from a bad back but all of my aches and pains have vanished

- My skin and hair is brighter and healthier-looking - I’ve actually lost count of the number of times people have told me that I’m glowing!

More than that, it’s simply the best tasting water I’ve ever drank and, almost 6 months down the line, it’s saving me a fortune compared to what I used to spend on fancy bottled water brands.

Are you Ready to join the alkaline revolution?

Click on the link and scroll down to purchase <3 https://www.franklyirresistible.co.uk/hydrogen-jug

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