Repairs, Revitalises, Rejuvenates and Recuperates. Helps repair tissue damage, reduces scars and helps relieves arthritic pain. Provides natural energy, mental focus and clarity for all age groups.


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Frankly Irresistible Frankincense Tonic Water

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  • Our clients report that drinking this powerful pick-me-up provides them with a range
    of profound health benefits. Clinically tested and packed with minerals, such as
    silicon to help ward off early signs of Osteoporosis & Magnesium (miracle mineral) to
    help reduce symptoms of Arthritis. Frankincense is an extremely sacred resin that
    has been used by some of the most elite people in history. In fact, as far back as
    5000 B.C the Sumhurams were making use of its magic. In more recent times, scientific studies and clinical trials have proven the remarkably positive effects that
    frankincense has on the body and mind.