Organic Skin Care  

Our skin is the largest organ of the body and we think it’s important to look after it. Our skin care range, feeds and nourishes like a great skin food should.  

The Ancient Egyptians used Frankincense and Myrrh and named it ‘The Lovers Potion’. This is due to its masculine and feminine qualities. Frankincense has a masculine quality known as ‘The King’ of essential oils, due to its powerful astringent and antibacterial qualities, meaning it helps protect skin cells. It can also be used to help reduce acne blemishes, the appearance of large pores, prevent wrinkles, help lift, tighten tone and nourish the skin, naturally slowing down signs of aging. The oil can be used anywhere even around the eyes.

Myrrh has a feminine quality and known as ‘The Queen’ of essential oils. Due to its powerful antibacterial qualities helping soothe and smooth dry or aging skin. Myrrh helps maintain healthy skin. Together these two oils have miraculous benefits on the skin and overall wellbeing.

We use Sweet Organic Almond Oil, Frankincense and Myrrh cleverly mixed with essential oils including floral scents, citrus fruits, and some sprinkles of 23ct edible gold,

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Frankly Irresistible Universal Bliss

A beautiful and powerful natural Organic Sweet Almond Oil with Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, Frankincense Myrrh and Rose Otto.
It takes 60 roses to make one drop of Rose Otto Oil. Perfect for the skin as it
contains the closest protein molecular structure to your own skin, naturally plumping up and lifting. Helps promote cell renewal due its natural, powerful and super ultra ingredients.
We recommend you add a couple of drops of water to this oil when applying. This process helps carry oils into the deeper layers of the skin. Helping to lift, plump and nourish the skin rather than sitting on the surface feeling like an oil slick.

£33 + 5.00 P&P UK


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Frankly Irresistible Magic in a Jar

A 50ml 2 in 1 exfoliator & mask in an Italian Green Glass Reusable Jar

Organic Frankincense, Myrrh, Clay and Sandalwood

Packed with Polyphenol Antioxidants & minerals

Cleanses, tightens, tones and lifts the skin.

A unique 5-minute massage face scrub and mask treatment provides remarkable results. This amazing Two in One natural combination rejuvenates, tightens, tones and lifts the skin without leaving tautness. Perfectly balanced to suit, normal, oily, dry and matured skins. Best used before showering or bathing and not by women in a rush. We highly recommend you use water to activate the Frankincense and Myrrh Resin, Sandalwood and Bentonite Clay. Your skin will thank you!

Highly recommended using with our Rose Otto Face Oil, Universal Bliss, to help feed and nourish new skin cell.

£28 +5.00 P&P UK

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Layer Cake

A delightful mix of Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Frankincense, Organic Sweet Orange
& Lemon Grass Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, and Vitamin C
200 ml Body Oil in our signature re-usable Italian Green Glass Bottle.
Promotes cell renewal, boosts elasticity, whilst tightening, toning, lifting and
nourishing your skin. Superb for keeping those mosquitos away, with its strong
punchy fragrance of sharp summer citrus fruits.

We highly recommend you use water with any skin care oil, as it carries the oil into the deeper layers of the skin. This helps to lift plump and nourish the skin rather than sitting on the surface feeling like an oil slick. You can also use on dry skin as a massage oil. Or use as bath oil.

£36 = 5.00 P&P UK

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Sweet Dreams Night Cream

Avocado and Geranium Night Cream, Nourishes, Softens and Soothes Maturist of Skins.


Avocado and Geranium are used an ages old natural skin nutrient, rich in lecithin and vitamins A, B and D. An excellent and nutritive night cream, avocado is excellent for dry and dehydrated skin and for wrinkles as well. Geranium oil has long been appreciated for its skin conditioning properties and the healing of acne scars and burns.

Ingredients: virgin beeswax, sunflower oil, avocado oil, rose and geranium essential oils. 


The Water of Life, Hydrogen Jug.

Tired of drinking tap water ?


Spent enough on plastics, after seeing bottles floating down rivers, abandoned on beaches, and being washed up from our seas? 

Universal Bliss


“I have started my journey with the Frankincense, Myrrh and Rose Otto face oils and the 2 in 1 exfoliator, which are both incredible organic facial products. My skin feels fresh and new!! Loving it. The products are an affordable standard. I know I won't need to order more oils for at least another 2/3 months as the amount that you need to use of each product is minimal, but you still get the best effect. Thank you”

Susan Bowery HIH Client


“Been using hope in health face oil since last Xmas and my skin has never looked or felt so good. Amazed that a few drops lasts so long. My skin never dries out like it used to. Need to stock up on this. Have tried the body oil too, smells and feels great too. Must try the other products!” Anita Fakhri Business Consultant

Magic In A Jar

“Fantastic Face!*!*!*Having tried Magic in Jar the two in one face scrub and mask I am absolutely amazed with the results. My skin felt smoother, tighter and everyone thought I had a GLOW. Will definitely continue to use this product and tell everyone who tells me how wonderful I look. Thank you!”

 Barbara Alexiou (Fashion Consultant).

Layer Cake

“I absolutely adore this range of frankincense products, and feel wonderful after using the” HIH CLient.


“This product really is most pure. Amazing”

 Maria Bass Artist


“Its magic and I need a new one please”

Jill Daniels

Frankly Irresistible Body Oil

I am loving your products and was wondering if we could partner up or I could be a distributor in the U.S for you?

Loren Lockwood Health Practitioner NYC

“As a psoriasis sufferer I’m always cautious about what body oils to use on my skin. This oil not only makes my skin beautiful and soft but also has a soothing calming effect on my patches of psoriasis and what a sublime smell. The only oil for me now” x

Becki Bee Landscape Architect.


“I absolutely adore this range of frankincense products, and feel wonderful after using them” Dani Tsuti Gordon Business Manager.